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  • International Aquavit Competition June 4, 2016

    International Aquavit Competition June 4, 2016

                Vasa Order of America, District 12 (Northern California) is holding its second annual International Aquavit Competition.  Entitled Akvavit Kryddat Brännvin World Championship, the competition is held at Sveadal (Swedish American Resort) in Morgan Hill, CA.  There are three categories of competition: Most Traditional, Best Tasting and Best Presentation.   […]

  • Official Rules First International Aquavit (Akvavit) Competition 2015

    Here are the official rules for the First International Aquavit Competition in Sveadal (Morgan Hill, CA) May 31, 2015. Official Rules The Official Rules for this International Competition are as follows: Competitors may compete in every category. Most Traditional Aquavit/Akvavit MUST feature         either (or both) caraway and/or dill. Other spices may be used, but these […]

  • Lutfisk Event at Nordic House – 9-20-14

    Bring your most traditional or most original Lutfisk and the recipe. Compete for Most Traditional, Most Original or Best Tasting (or at least the least bad tasting). Valuable certificates awarded (along with breath mints and antacids).  Bring enough to share with about 8 people.  Last year we had Baja Tacos, Lutfisk pizza, and Lutfisk ice […]

  • Huffington Post: Aquavit – The Next Big Thing In Hard Liquor

    Huffington Post: Aquavit – The Next Big Thing In Hard Liquor

    Check out this important blog post! Everything old is new again:

  • Girls, avoid surströmming!

    Girls, avoid surströmming!

    Young women and girls should stay away from herring, the Swedish National Food Agency has warned, as both the fermented and fresh varieties can harm fetuses and infants. Fermented herring, known to the Swedes as surströmming, is a Swedish specialty. It’s loved and loathed, putrid yet popular. And like moist snus, it’s one of the […]

  • Nordic House – perhaps the best place on Earth

    I would really like to give a ‘shout out’ to Nordic House in Berkeley. They have the best supply of all things Scandinavian: delicious food, a tremendous deli section, gifts, cookbooks, clogs and truly the best herring you will ever try. Everyone is friendly and helpful. Nordic house has hosted Swedish cooking classes, Crayfest parties […]

  • Crayfest 2013!

    Crayfest 2013!

    Crayfest is an urban version of the Swedish kräftskiva (crayfish party). Ours is an urban version, at Nordic House in Berkeley, Ca. We will have Crayfest on Saturday August 24th. Like last year, we will have crayfish, jansson’s temptation, other treats and live music and dancing! Change any summer plans you may have already made, […]