Mini Symposium on Swedish Immigration and the Pan Pacific International Exposition of 1915


Fylgia Lodge #119 VOA presents a night of Swedish and Swedish-American history in honor of the centennial of the Pan Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco.   Culled from our recent acclaimed district-wide cultural event, a series of speakers will present on topics related to the Swedish exodus (1851-1930).  We will learn about village life in Sweden leading up to the exodus and about the Swedish name law of 1901 (and how that impacts our attempts at genealogical research) (Presented by Sven-Ove Westberg of Sveaborg Lodge).  Katherine Hughes and Marie-Ann Hill will present on the importance of the Pan Pacific International Exposition for the East Bay.  The presentation will discus important Swedes and Swedish Americans of the time, and their role in the Expo.  Finally, Carol Martin of Fylgia Lodge will give an abbreviated version of a talk she gave in Sweden.  It focuses on an unusual circumstance of Swedes living among the Sioux of North Dakota.


            This will be an entertaining and informative evening of interest to all who want to learn more about our Swedish ancestors, their lives before coming to the USA and their impact on the 1915 PPIE.  You are invited to join us. 


Place:  Swedish American Hall

2174 Market Street

SF CA 94114


Date:  Tuesday February 10, 2015

Time: 7:30 pm

Cost:  Free

RSVP: Not necessary, but appreciated.  or 415-577-4075