Crayfest was a HUGE hit!

Crayfest was a huge hit.  We had around 80 people in attendance. Pia (owner of Nordic House) arranged for an amazingly beautiful event and she prepared 140 lbs of local crayfish, huge amounts of Jansson’s Temptation, pates, three different types of herring, and enough cheese to make Wisconsin jealous!  Pia, Lars, Arvid and the family and staff at Nordic House are an amazing group and work hard to keep our Scandinavian traditions, foods and culture accessible.  We truly appreaciate each of you and Nordic House!

Here are some photos.  Keep your eyes on this space for next year’s event.  Look also for our Lutefisk Cooking competition Saturday, September 26 1pm at Nordic House.

Also, Nordic House is open year round.  They have delicious Scandinavian foods, either prepared or waiting to be prepared.  One personal favorite is herring in curry (I know, it doesn’t sound authentic, but look in any Scandinavian cookbook!).  The liver pate is amazing, as well as the rolled meats (try the rolled lamb)!

Nordic House is located at 2709 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94702.   Keep your eyes on their website.  They have an amazing open house on Thanksgiving weekend (for over 50 years now!).  

Again, thank you Pia and Nordic House for an amazing event!